Berkat Children's Home

About the centre

It is a charitable orphanage. A place where abandoned, neglected and abused children are loved and cared for.

Volunteering tasks available

  1. To coach students to finish their homework
    • Mondays to Wednesday
    • 3pm to 5pm
    • Primary school, UPSR & SPM students
  2. To teach arts, music, dance and other skills
    • Fridays
    • 9am to 11am
  3. To cook for dinners

Volunteering criteria

Looking for committed volunteers above 18 years old who are ready to counsel and be a good role model for the children.




Phone   Davidson @ 012-727 1244       Others: 07-2070107 / 07-2282357 / 017-7111809

Adminstration Office

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44A Jalan Dapat,
Kg Bahru,
80100 Johor Bahru,